Innovative CERARL Technology
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    CERARL, a revolutionary and innovative material from Japan, is a lightweight laminated decorative board that comprises the characteristics of non-flammability, excellent waterproofing surfaces, as well as unique anti-bacterial property; suitable for areas where hygiene plays an important role.


    Installing CERARL is a breeze, and reduces renovation time from weeks, to days. Fittings last longer, thanks to CERARL’s impact, scratch and stain resistant qualities, which makes CERARL a definite choice for interior area such bathroom and kitchen. Together with it’s Class ‘0’ fire rating properties, it provides an alternative material for commercial areas such as lift lobby and lift interior. CERARL has also been certified under Green Label Scheme from Singapore Environment Council (SEC) as an eco-surface material that has a low toxicity content to improved indoor environment usage.


    With its sleek and seamless finish, it provides a classy, fine touch to any location. Admira believes CERARL will become one of the top premium material for construction and renovation.


    *Choose from a variety of designs and styles to suit your preference.