Cat Conversations:

World's First Colourable Laminate

Bespoke is a collection of limited-edition laminates that carry personal touches of Singapore’s budding artists. Serving as a canvas for creation, this collaborative project aims to create buzz in the promising and ambitious design industry. Being a proponent of originality within the local art scene, Admira is the first to produce colourable laminates by teaming up with local talent – Trivialities. Together, a massive illustration of Cat Conversations was conceived. Easily applied on any surface, Cat Conversations is more than just a playful design; it conveys a powerful message on the importance of art and the growth of young minds. Furthermore, this unique laminate range is a testament to Admira’s innovation and support for Singapore’s thriving art scene.

Cat Conversations is a colourable and reusable laminate that is tailored for the young at heart. Great for both residential and commercial spaces, this one-of-a kind colouring laminate aims to inspire imagination among families and communities. Colourable laminates aren’t just eye-catching – they’re inspiring for young minds. Children will be overjoyed while parents will be at eased to know that their little ones can now freely demonstrate their artistic abilities on the walls, floors, and every surface in the house. In fact, adults too, can join in the fun. 

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So, who is the artist?

Trivialities is the brainchild of Trivia Goh. She is a creator of the imaginary, whimsy and adorkable. Trivia is a Singaporean artist-illustrator, whose works revolve around other-worldly characters and places; as if to document them having had a place in her casual daydreams. Often, these flights of fancy are brought into reality in the form of paintings or handmade resin toys.

Curious about Trivialities? Read more at her website.