Engaging All Senses with Biophilia

We, as humans, have an innate tendency to connect with nature. Architecture has evolved so much over the past decade with the implementation of vertical gardens and facade greenery. Buildings of such architecture portrays an entirely different outlook as compared to the conventional perception of concrete and steel structures.

Now, this design phenomenon is taking interior decoration by storm. F&B establishments, boutique hotels, offices and even hospitals are transitioning from contemporary to biophilic design.

Biophilia is about creating a multi-sensory experience. Add natural lighting, no-frills wood furniture and modern potted or hanging plants into the whole picture and, one will quickly point out why they are essential to the entire biophilic experience. Daylight not only illuminates plant life but also has numerous biophilic benefits of its own, including mood improvement and increased productivity.

Occupants of the shared space will also feel at ease and welcomed, which are states of mind that hospitality sectors typically desire to create. Because of experiences like that, the interest for biophilic interior design for homes is also growing. There is more usage of lighter, simplistic wood furnishings and vibrant organic colours.