The touch of Brilliance

A collection that blends dynamic elegance and craftsmanship to provide you the quality you deserve. Taking pride in delivering products of the finest quality, it elevates the bar with its exceptional textural appeal, reliability, and extensive functionality. 

Brilliance Noir comes with a variety of features, with the top three being the ability to self-heal with the aid of heat and friction, anti-fingerprint, and hydro-repellent, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

No matter what time of day it is or how much light is reflected on it, its surface also captures light reflection and gives you a flawless ultra-smooth matte appearance. Each laminate measures only 0.9 mm thick and comes in nine aesthetic solid shades, rendering it suitable as a decorative surface for a variety of interior, architectural, or furniture applications.

Don't settle for less; experience the comfort and beauty of it without sacrificing practicality and durability. Elevate your space with our Brilliance Noir laminates today; a premium selection awaits you.

Available in solid colours.