Fiberglass Wall Panel

CERARL brings spaces to previously unthinkable heights.

CERARL is a lightweight unique fiberglass decorative panel that is designed for wall cladding, even on existing furnished walls. Developed and made in Japan, the leading-edge CERARL technology grants several advantageous properties for both residential and commercial spaces.

CERARL has a multitude of beneficial characteristics such as high resistance against water, fire, impact, stain, and bacteria and works well on both dry kitchen backsplash areas and wet areas of your bathroom walls. CERARL brings a sense of class and sophistication to the space, and will not crack, peel, or break in heat and humidity. These same properties are also the reason why CERARL is used in commercial spaces like retail fronts, lift lobbies, and washrooms. 

The antimicrobial properties of CERARL means it is ideal for hygiene-sensitive, high traffic, wet areas and A&A works. Messy wet works and noisy wall hacking are now a thing of the past. CERARL is available in various designs for you to choose from. CERARL promises quick and fuss-free installation with minimal down time and disruption. It is easy to shape for installation without a need to hack any walls, and thus reduces renovation timeframe by a couple of days at least. You may also avoid any noisy drillings, or mess that comes with the usual renovation works. 

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Available in stones, wood, and abstract designs.