Adorably Transforming F&B Spaces

What if you can give your patrons a higher level of engagement and experience through decor, which make them happy and repeat customers to your F&B establishment?

Be it restaurants, bistros or cafes - if you are creating a modern, comfortable and casual space, how about allowing patrons interact with your walls, table tops or other furniture types? This can be made very possible with the very adorable Cat Conversations colourable laminate! Colour on with any water-based colouring material such as markers, crayons and colour pencils; to add personal flavour and artistry.

Not happy with the colouring result? Clean it off, then! Simply use wet tissues or a damp melamine foam to wash off imperfections and, the laminate will look as good as new. Cat Conversations is part of Admira's Bespoke collection. It is an original design by local artist, Trivialities.

The design is a carefully hand-drawn piece of art that features hundreds of cat personalities with hidden robots, mammals and sea creatures for you to find! Cat Conversations is suitable for all ages, as well as child-friendly and pet-friendly.

Available in portrait and landscape orientation.

Modernity in a Deeper Shade of Blue

Fancy a modern kitchen without too much black? Deep shades of blue are now the new trend of adding depth into your spaces. With a touch of some gold finishes and contemporary furniture, one can create your kitchen like it comes straight out from the gallery.

The stylish cabinets are donned with Xtreme Ebony Blue laminates, which has superior fingerprint resistance that allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance. In addition, its surface has a soft, velvety texture to elevate the look. A marble-designed CERARL panel, used as a backsplash, completes the kitchenette with a luxurious element. Realistically charming that comes in a whole package.

Luxurious and Timeless

The marble and stone series from the CERARL catalogue are excellent for modern pairing, and even elevates the appearance of your bathroom. Aside from its beauty, CERARL is greatly functional for its superior water-resistant property. 

Soft Colours for that Homely Kitchen

Torino Walnut has a very soft, pleasant-on-the-eyes wood colour for any functional kitchen. It easily complements with designer appliances and accessories. Have a small kitchen? No worries! You can easily place shelves and racks onto the CERARL wall panel for better organization.