A Formal Monochromatic Introduction

The common misconception of dark colours is that it seemingly shrinks a space, especially black; but only if it is designed incorrectly. Many may mistaken monochrome to be a tunnel vision of interior decor. On the contrary, it can be a scrupulous theme which requires conscientious details.

Black Minimalism

In Asian cultures, placing black in home interiors used to be a no-no. That perception of the past could be due to superstition or small room sizes. Typically, home owners prefer their spaces to appear bigger than it looks.

However, the advancement of interior design and laminate choices have transformed people's minds. With good planning, a room can achieve minimalism with the biformity of black (as the main star) and white. Monochrome is actually a simple design to work with and, easy to update with seamless style. Monochrome need not be just plain colours; but instead, spend more time selecting black/white wood or pattern laminates to create depth.

The usage of black can be both masculine and chic at the same time, appealing to all.

Black is Poetic

Black is a quiet statement that speaks volume.

Monochromatic decor is definitely gaining popularity for minimalist fans, who also want sprinkles of luxe and posh. With the subtle play of various hues in the same colour, one can pay more attention to details and textures. Black wood laminates, offered by Admira, would satisfy goals of carefully-crafted details that are sure to be elegant.

A typical worry with black furnishings is the obvious fingerprint marks. Fret not, as Admira's dark laminates are mostly fingerprint-resistant in which can be found in Traceless or Xtreme range. Aside from wood, textures come in super-matte and leather too. Whatever styling goals there is, you'll be sure to find the most suitable ones to accent in monochrome design.

This kitchen is mainly donned with classy black wood and then, accented with black marble at the kitchen island. For contrast purposes, a soft white marble is seen placed as a backsplash. The entire outlook, while functional, demands appreciation and awe.

Black Opulence

Monochrome may be a single-track execution of one colour but this makes it an opportunity to have fun with various shades, accents and details. This interior design would be interesting for the meticulous and creative mind. Having black marble as a large feature canvas would already portray a space to be classy and chic. Contrast the loudness of the marble with subtle woodgrains to create a design balance, without compromising on the room's character depth.

Consider finishing touches such as gold or brass trimming, which will add a dash of awe. Put the three elements together and its entirety will appear impressively opulent.

Charming Monotony

Granted, pure black masculinity can be an acquired taste. Is it still possible to create monochromatic design when black is not the main star? Admira is a proponent of originality so the answer is, absolutely!

You can go with dark brown wood colours with whispers of grey. Straight wood grains, or even understated crowns, are highly recommended to go with a bespoke wardrobe. It will exude a different kind of inspiration; almost neo-noir.