Calm Your Blues with Style

Deep shades of blue has come into vogue in 2019/2020. The common misconception of dark colours is that it seemingly shrinks a space; but only if it is designed incorrectly. Blue is an ideal candidate to create a clean and serene space too.

Based on colour psychology, blue calms oneself and it is the perfect colour for work, meditation and relaxation in a room. Pair with delicate wood or hemp; be it surface furnishings or upholstery to contrast with blue's natural masculinity.

Blue appeals to most types of personalities. It is an incredibly adaptable colour that is not simply for a single design idea of nautical but; also goes well with many interior themes such as modern, classic, minimalist and industrial.

Deep Sea Exquisiteness

Port the colours of the ocean over to a reading room, home office or perhaps a lounge. Making use of the deep blue shade to pair with upscale-looking furniture can exude a familiar sense of coziness and class. The wall is enhanced with Xtreme high pressure laminate, which has extreme fingerprint-resistant properties with a velvety, super-matte touch. With no fuss in mind, one can create a room of relaxation with the soft colours and easy maintenance that Xtreme offers.

Summer Vacay At Home

Summertime is mostly made of fun, outdoorsy memories along the shore or even out at sea, isn't it? Kick your feet back as you recreate that beach resort enjoyment, with the help of realistic woody wall panels. The pale and slightly rustic lumber resembles weathered trees and wood materials, which pleasantly complements with pastel greens and blues.