Admira x SIDFest Showroom Tour

Delighted to host the SIDFEST Showroom Tour at The Library. For the guests to learn more about our latest collection and its special features, we presented 3 pop-up booths highlighting our flagship products such as CERARL, HPL, and NOIR.

It was also an honor to have Mr. Tung Ching Yew, president of SIDS and designer of The Library, share his insights on the showroom's concept.

To spice things up, we also held a lucky draw with 3 fantastic prizes! Once more, congrats to the winners, we hope you enjoy the gift! 😊

We at Admira would like to express our appreciation to SIDS and the guests for making it such a fantastic event for us all. We also hope that everyone who attended the showroom tour had an enjoyable afternoon.

We hope to see you at The Library again soon! 😉