Admira’s Colourable Laminates Showcased at Drawing Contest

Admira had the amazing opportunity to be part of the 2019 International Children Drawing Contest, in Kuala Lumpur, that was organized by Junior Chamber International (JCI). The event was held at Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Admira’s colourable laminate, Cat Conversations, was placed to engage young minds and promote creative activities. Both children and adults had a ball of a time colouring on this unique laminate. 

Under the Bespoke range, Cat Conversations is a collaborative project with Singaporean artist, Trivialities. This all-original laminate was conceived with innovation in mind and interactivity for all ages. Cat Conversations is a testament to Admira’s support for Singapore’s thriving art scene and, bringing fresh designs to consumers. 

The laminate’s reusable quality is a plus to many users; for the colours can be easily cleaned away with wet tissue or melamine foam. View the full-size image here.