Engagement with Architectural Technology Students from ITE 2022

Admira had the pleasure of conducting two engagement sessions with Architectural Technology students from ITE College Central at The Library, where 79 students attended.

During the engagement, we shared about our products, explaining how they are created, what they may be used for, and where they can be applied. We also had the privilege of having Mr. Keat Ong, former president of SIDS and Mr. Peter Tay from Peter Tay Studio on their journeys and experiences in the world of design. 

Knowing that we could connect and impart key aspects of both the laminate sector and the design industry was motivating. From there, we think that these sessions can empower the students to take their initiatives to the next level.

Both sessions concluded with the students taking laminate samples home, where we hope they will serve as a valuable source of inspiration for their future projects.

To schedule an engagement session with us, please contact us at marketing@admira.sg