New Release: Master & Muse II 2020 Catalogue

Admira: Beyond the Design Frontier

It is Admira's mission to be ahead of the game all the time. We dedicate ourselves to sourcing the trendiest designs and, provide high quality laminated surfaces to the architectural, interior design and furniture and other creative design sectors. Our collection of laminates satisfies aesthetics, durability and functionality for any type of space, theme, idea and application.

The 2020 catalogue emphasizes on intricacies and meticulous methods on design concepts. After identifying every idea's core purpose, Admira urges all creatives to dive deep into details to evoke emotions through multi-sensory design. Embrace symbolic elements for future masterpieces.

This year, Admira has brought in more Traceless and matching HPL-CERARL options due to popular demand. Now, you will be able to freely actualize various interior themes such as minimalist, Scandinavian, nautical, shabby chic, contemporary, Japanese zen, industrial, etc.

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