Singapore Polytechnic Meets Industry Experts: The Library's 2024 workshop with Kat Tan

On January 9, 2024, our Laminate showroom, The Library, was thrilled to host its first student workshop of the year, welcoming an enthusiastic group of first-year Interior Design students from Singapore Polytechnic. This event marked a significant milestone for us at the beginning of 2024, as we opened our doors to the bright, upcoming talents in the interior design industry. Our showroom became a vibrant hub of learning and inspiration, setting the stage for a year of innovation and creativity.

The workshop kicked off with an engaging session led by Jake Tan, our Director of Admira. He shared his deep knowledge on a range of topics essential to interior design: high-pressure laminate, Fibreglass panels, and the specialized Customised Design laminate for panels - Artistic Panel On Demand (APOD). This insightful introduction provided the students with a solid foundation in material knowledge.

We were also honoured to have Kat Tan, founder of D Editors Pte Ltd and Honorary Secretary of the Society of Interior Designers - Singapore, as our guest speaker. With her impressive 24-year career in the industry since graduating from NAFA in 1996, Kat Tan brought a wealth of experience to the workshop. She is celebrated for her intricate detailing in both technical and soft furnishing, with a portfolio that includes luxury homes, show flats, and significant projects like the Jinlin Tiandi Development in Shanghai. Her participation as a guest speaker added immense value to the workshop, offering the students invaluable insights and real-world perspectives on interior design.