Student Engagement with ITE College Central 2022

Admira was delighted to host 2 Engagement Sessions with ITE College Central at The Library showroom, where 40 Interior & Exhibition Design students attended each session. 

Igniting that passion in the students was the aim of this engagement as we believe that everyone has the potential to innovate and develop interesting opportunities. 

We also had the pleasure of inviting guest speakers Mr. Zac Lo from First Sight Group and Mr. Tung Ching Yew from SODA for the day, who spoke about how they got started in their careers and how they have progressed to where they are today.

Fundamentally, it is about providing students with a chance to hone their craft, sharpen their career readiness, and broaden their perspectives in order to create the most value for their projects or themselves in the future.  

The students could also walk around the showroom to touch, feel, and look at the products that were fully displayed all around. Students were also able to bring back laminate samples to help them with school assignments. 

We had a fantastic time hosting this student engagement and would like to thank the school and lecturers for having Admira. If you would like to schedule an engagement session, please contact us at