Get Closer to Nature

It is time to go green, literally. While Admira endorses environmentally-friendly materials in your space, we also see a upward trend in interior designs heavily influenced by nature.⁠

Play around with Admira's earth toned colours in the Mineral section of our latest catalogue, Master & Muse II. There's a great selection of stone designs that go with that natural vibe you've always wish to create.⁠ But did you know that green interior styling has some positive psychological effects, especially in healthcare?

In advanced healthcare, the color green is often used to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Because green is soothing to the eyes, it is a great choice to also create a restorative effect.

We urge you to explore going green so as to stay connected with Mother Nature.⁠

Perfection is Now Passé

Shabby Chic is weirdly wonderful and interesting; almost eclectic. It takes a certain appreciation to savor the unpretentious combination of whites, fabrics, distressed wood, etc. Unique and unconventional use of this combo brings about a different sprite of life into a room; evolving the empty space to be artistic, maybe a bit of vintage and comfort. This decor style sets the mood to let your hair down, kick your feet back and just relax after a hard day's work. Suitable for the young and bold at heart.