Fingerprint Resistant and Antimicrobial Laminates

Love dark décor but sick of the hassle it takes to maintain them? Let Admira’s signature TRACELESS laminates work its magic. Some may shy away from dark themed interiors due to the unsightly fingerprints that tend to be more visible on dark surfaces. Now, you can freely embrace your dark side.

When we say TRACELESS, we mean it both ways. Admira’s range of fingerprint-resistant high-pressure laminates are antimicrobial with silver ions technology. As its name implies, TRACELESS laminates leave no traces of fingerprints or bacteria behind. It is designed to adorn surfaces that require supreme hygiene and performance. TRACELESS laminates are impregnated with silver additives that release silver ions (Ag+) upon contact with bacteria and are certified to effectively eliminate and inhibit bacterial development. TRACELESS laminates are also easy to clean and maintain – all it takes is a damp cloth or melamine sponge for maintenance.

A product of Japan, the antimicrobial properties of TRACELESS makes it an ideal choice for use in a variety of environment, such as healthcare facilities and the higher usage areas in your homes such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, or tabletops. These laminates are also recommended to be used in schools, food processing units, hospitals, pathologies, and healthcare facilities that are susceptible to the growth of viruses and bacteria, where a high level of hygiene needs to be maintained. With its unique impregnation process, TRACELESS offers long lasting protection against bacteria and viruses, and ensures that its antimicrobial properties remain effective even with wear and scratches.

Available in solid colours, wood and leather designs.