Captivates In A Way Never Seen Before

Admira XTREME matt high-pressure laminates provides enormous colour transparency and depth with a comfortable warm, velvety soft feel. This low-reflection surface invites you to touch it without leaving any traces behind from fingerprints, or any hand traffic grease. 

Thanks to German technological innovations, XTREME sports a super matt visual effect with long-lasting colours and usability. Cleaning is a breeze which ensures that maintenance is easy in the long run. The electron beamed cured surface reflects its metallic polished look that suits contemporary living. Unlike common matt laminates, users can touch the warm and soft surfaces of XTREME comfortably, without leaving any scratches behind. XTREME is also food safe, which means you can now be at a peace of mind if food is exposed or accidently prepared on the laminates.

Additionally, it is post-form grade, bendable to a maximum of 8mm. Admira also provides 100% matching edgeband for this series. The looks will not deceive you – it is an extremely robust, durable, and easy-care high-pressure laminate. 

Available in solid colours, wood designs.