New Release: Traceless 2021 e-catalogue


A comprehensive guide to Traceless – inspiration, collection, areas of application and more!

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CERARL – The Promise of Everlast


Discover our carefully curated 2020 CERARL collection. Caress each panel and feel the subtle allure of every texture and finish.

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Interior Design Roadshow with Haydn Studio


Collaborative event with Hadyn Studio during the holiday season!

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Admira’s Colourable Laminates Showcased at Drawing Contest


Interact with laminates a whole new way by adding delightful colours to them.

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Up Close and Personal with Homeowners at Qanvast Workshop


Admira enjoys bringing owners’ attention to our high-quality materials.

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Interior Design Roadshow with Design 4 Space


Reaching out to home owners in the heartlands with tips on interior styling with the use of hassle-free materials.

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